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Cheshire – is it only the leafy and affluent home of footballers, their glamorous wives and enough sports cars to film an entire series of Top Gear?…Well not quite. While this historic county may be home to a few footballers, Cheshire is so much more than Wags and Range Rovers.


First of all, a trip to Cheshire is hardly worth having without a walk along the ancient Roman Walls of Chester. History boffin or not, they are the most complete city walls in Britain and provide the ultimate route to explore the riverside city of Chester. It also just so happens that due to a Tudor bylaw, and providing you own a bow and arrow, it is legal to shoot a Welshman caught within the walls after midnight (though we would advise you NOT to test this out!).


Medieval grudges aside, Cheshire is a history lesson brought to life. Boasting Britain’s largest amphitheatre, numerous castles and enough stately homes to house the entire country, it is fair to say that Cheshire is positively creaking with history. And for a pretty yet practical way to shop, the two-tiered Rows of Chester are world-renowned and provide a great excuse for a spot of window shopping- “No darling, I’m not looking at those half price boots, I’m admiring the surrounding medieval architecture…”


Bringing things back to the twenty-first century, think Gary Barlow and you’ve got the Cheshire accent. Whilst this may be as flat as the Cheshire Plains, he is not the only famous face to come from the county, as the list includes the likes of Harry Styles and none other than James Bond himself (Daniel Craig if you’re being technical). And speaking of stars, the Jodrell Bank Observatory makes for a great day (or night) out for all budding astronomers looking to become enlightened about the dark sky above.


Moving on and you may be surprised to hear that the oldest cheese in British history and Europe’s largest collection of sharks have something in common: just take a trip to the local aquarium. The Blue Planet Aquarium is home to a wide variety of sharks which is sure to delight anyone who’s mad about marine life. It’s located right next to the Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, where you can enjoy some well-deserved retail therapy after an encounter with these scary sea creatures. As well as the aquarium, you won’t find a better zoo in the United Kingdom than Chester Zoo with its 20,000 animals and award-winning reputation.


So whether you’re grabbing your bow and arrow (PLEASE RECONSIDER), your telescope or some crackers for your Cheshire cheese, be sure to plan your next getaway to Cheshire. And as it boasts the second most photographed clock after Big Ben, there’s no time like the present!


Flora Hackett

Featured Image: Chester Town Centre HDR | © Juan de Dios Santander Vela, Flickr. CC BY 2.0

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